Apps to reduce your food waste

Apps to reduce your food waste

Australians are wasting approximately $10 billion worth of food waste per year, with the average household chucking away 14% of their food. Disposing food may seem harmless, but it actually contributes to damaging our planet due to climate change and the inefficient use of land, fertiliser, and freshwater.

Thanks to a couple of brilliant app developers, they have come up with a solution to help households tackle and reduce these wastes.  These apps will in turn bring positive results not only to the environment but also help different households in saving as well.


Food Management Apps to the Rescue!

I have been doing some research and have stumbled across some useful apps that has helped me to coordinate my meal planning and food tracking in the kitchen! I hope that these apps will be beneficial to you as well and I believe that we can make a difference together to put food into people’s mouths instead of the bin.


1.      PEPPERPLATE                                                      

Pepperplate is a meal planning app that aids you in being more organised when it comes to kitchen matters. Furthermore, this mobile app is also designed in a way that is interactive, so you will be able to share your recipes or shopping lists with your friends. This interactive app motivates you to prepare more home cooked meals, share recipes and most importantly translate recipes to shopping lists - know and buy exactly what you need and nothing more!

Some things the app can do:

  • Enables you to create your own recipe list by importing them from different websites. 

  • Plan menus for special events or regular meals. The app will walk you through the recipes and provides you with a cooking timer as well.

  • Organise your weekly meals by adding menus into your schedule.

  • Add recipes and items you need purchased into your shopping list.

Similar meal planning apps you may want to check out: Big Oven / Any List


This app is focused on keeping track of inventories rather than meal planning. This is an excellent app if the goal is to reduce waste as it keeps track of the items that you already have in your kitchen, and the expiry dates. Always know what you have and what needs to be eaten, first!

Our grocery buying process usually begins with the supermarket and it goes into the pantry or the fridge. It would then make sense to have a function that enables the user to transfer items from the shopping list into the inventory list, or from one inventory to another inventory (e.g when an item in the pantry needs to be put in the fridge or the freezer). Cloud-Freezer is able to do just that, making inventory tracking in your kitchen even more precise.

Another cool yet practical function in this app is the barcode scanning function which enables you to enter items quickly into the app… no typing required!

Together Let’s End Food Waste: Start By Downloading an App.

By the year 2050, the world’s population will be about 9 billion people. If we keep on wasting food at the same rate as we are today and want to feed everybody, we will have to produce around 70% more food. If we take the initiative and be more intentional about saving food, our job in meeting this goal would be much easier. It starts with each of us being more mindful, so do yourself (and the world!) a favour and download an app.

As Mahatma Ghandi once said, “Live simply so that others may simply live”.


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