How to Choose a Green Appliance

How to Choose a Green Appliance

Going green is something we casually discuss with friends over coffee, but what do “green appliances” actually mean? A green appliance is basically an appliance that is energy efficient, and it is often indicated by an energy star rating which is available on most appliances today. When an appliance is classified as energy efficient, you can expect to see your energy bills drop and because it uses less energy, you can be happy about the environmental impact as greenhouse gas emissions are lowered.

Worried About Costs?

In some cases, purchasing an energy saving appliance can be a bit more expensive compared to one that is less energy saving. However, the key here is to weigh up the initial costs of purchasing the energy saving appliance against the annual operational cost of running the machine. This lets you understand the true value of its lifetime cost. Below is an example for different-sized dishwasher operating in various scenarios and we can see that a higher energy star rating appliance uses signifcantly less energy and as a result able to lower down the annual energy costs and the annual Greehouse Emissions as well:

Energy Efficiency (Dishwasher) Chart.png

Source: Sustainability Victoria.

Have You Considered Downsizing?

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. With a bigger appliance, that means bigger energy bills as well. You’ll be able to see energy savings and a reduction in your energy bills with smaller appliances in hand.

Below is a handy guide when deciding the size for your fridge and freezers:

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 4.18.05 pm.png

Different Modes

A function to keep a look out for when purchasing fridge freezers is a function known as “Eco/Holiday” mode. This enables your family to preserve energy when the fridge is not being used for long periods of time.

Water Consumption

In terms of dishwashers and washing machines though, make sure that you are not getting one that is too small otherwise you’ll be ending up making extra loads which will consume more water at the end of the day. Top Load washing machines are the most energy efficient, and something to keep in mind is some energy saving options such as auto load sensing and high spin cycles. When it comes to drying your clothes, line drying your clothes will help you to save energy. Otherwise, consider getting a Heat Pumpt Dryer as it is the most energy efficient dryer and most of it comes with 6 energy stars!

All the best in buying your new appliance! Keep in mind that adopting energy saving habits is just as crucial as purchasing green appliances!

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